Shared Housing is Not Just for Students

The Netherlands is the land not only of tulips and wooden clogs but also of universities and multiple job opportunities, famous all over the world for its capital, Amsterdam, which attracts millions of visitors every year. Also called “Netherlands”, because its lands develop below sea level, the ‘Netherlands enjoys a high level of welfare with a GDP per capita that is equal to 130% of the European average.

Each year are millions of students who go to the country of tulips to study at one of the prestigious universities’ in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Aja, Maastricht…Equally many are the people looking for a job who choose the Netherlands as their destination. But not only that but in recent years there has also been a massive flow of internal movement from small towns to large cities, where the opportunities for work are greater. For these categories, there is the problem of finding housing, which as we know in large cities is not only very expensive but also difficult to find.

So how to overcome this need?

With the first great migratory flows of the second post-war period in the Dutch cities, a very particular reality began to develop for those times: “shared lodgings”, why rent an entire apartment when you can rent only one room and share bathroom and kitchen? Students and workers have therefore begun to share the spaces with considerable economic savings, but not only, but this reality also gives the opportunity to know different realities, cultures and therefore it is excellent to broaden their horizons.  Here is some help on learning how to share your living space.

Families are Sharing Homes

With the passing of the years, this phenomenon has become more and more popular so that today not only students and workers but also boys, friends, girls, mothers, families are sharing their home. Finding an accommodation of this type is very simple, just write on social networks keywords such as “room”, “accommodation”, “sharing” etc. … to find hundreds of demands/offers.

Short Term Housing

Another peculiarity of this system is the fact that you can find accommodation for only the time you need. It is, in fact, possible to rent a “shared room” for two months, a month or even a week, which is impossible with traditional rental contracts. Even the tourist industry at first mistrustful ‘long ago began to embrace this reality.

There are millions every year even tourists who decide to stay in Holland sharing the space and costs with people from around the world, if you want to come to this country, to study, work or simply to admire the beauty of the place, you know that you can do it in a simple, economical way, enriching your cultural background. This offers the opportunity has more and more people to travel, work and study.