Shared Housing in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is among the most populated countries in Europe. The large population makes the country to have limited space to build private properties. Most people here prefer to settle in shared housing rather than in private apartments. The shared housing is small and very furnished. In most cases, the houses are shared.

What you need to know about shared housing in the Netherlands

  • The shared housing is controlled by housing cooperatives. The body sets the rent that is applicable to all the houses.
  • The body has criteria in choosing those that are qualified to live in the house.
  • It is normal to have shared living rooms or dining rooms.
  • The parking area is located mostly in the street and you have to pay a fee for it.
  • Most houses are unfurnished.

The shared housing initiative in the Netherlands is mainly established to cut isolation of living alone. Families can now live together in the same area, sharing parking spaces, playgrounds and maybe dining or living rooms. Acquiring a house in the shared housing is a bit cheaper than renting on private properties.

Families tend to form a community and live harmony. The families share companionship and possessions making life easier for each family. The government mainly supports the shared housing concept. It is very ideal for people earning low incomes and those looking to live in an environment that encourages sharing.

Advantages of shared housing

  • Cut on living cost-the houses are relatively cheap compared to private houses, making them very ideal for low-income earners.
  • Companionship-shared houses allow people to live as a community and the problem of isolation is avoided.
  • Allows good accommodation of Netherlands large population-it houses many people making use of the limited space.
  • Even distribution of scarce resources-resources such as playgrounds, pools, among other others is very scarce. Shared housing ensures that these resources are shared among many families.

The Netherlands has adopted one of the most significant housing strategies in the world. The strategy has helped the country promote peace and harmony in the country through living together. The large population of Netherlands is well housed despite the limited space of building private households. The initiative which is controlled by housing cooperatives and largely supported by the government is very useful to the residents of Netherlands. Life is much easier for the low-income earners who can not afford private households, they enjoy all the facilities despite being low earners. The shared housing should be adopted by most countries to make living much easier for all residents despite their earnings.